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Telepsychiatric Lounge is an integrated Tele-health platform that enables clients access mental wellness and treatments online. Consultations are done via a secure high definition video chattexts or calls with all records held in a secure cloud storage.


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What We Treat

We offer personalized medicine. Our treatment plans are not rigid, we get to know our patients and their unique needs. Our services are wrapped around the following:


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. ADHD also affects many adults

Anxiety Disorders

Most disorders that are considered “mental health disorders” are anxiety-related


Depression is a mental health disorder in which a person becomes excessively sad or unhappy for extended periods of time.

Sleep Disturbance

Sleep disturbances encompass disorders of initiating and maintaining sleep (DIMS, insomnias), disorders of excessive somnolence (DOES), disorders of sleep–wake schedule, and dysfunctions associated with sleepsleep stages, or partial arousals (parasomnias).



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Interesting Statistics

Mental health disorders

An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older — about 1 in 4 adults — suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

Approximately 9.5% of American adults ages 18 and over, will suffer from a depressive illness (major depression, bipolar disorder, or dysthymia) each year.

With bipolar disorder, which affects approximately 2.6% of Americans age 18 and older in a given year — the average age at onset for a first manic episode is during the early 20s.

Approximately 1% of Americans are affected by schizophrenia. In most cases, schizophrenia first appears in men during their late teens or early 20s. In women, 20s or early 30s.

Approximately about 18% of people ages 18- 54 in a given year, have an anxiety disorder in a given year. Anxiety disorders include: panic disorder, OCD, PTSD, GAD, and phobias.

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