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Our treatment plans are not rigid, we get to know our patients and their unique needs.

About us

Telepsychiatric lounge is a platform that enables real time remote consultation and non-invasive diagnosis treatment of mental and emotional health issues.

We are dedicated to excellence in service focused on treating psychiatric disorders and mental health issues.

We service children, adolescents, and adults in Atlanta. Our practice is focused on and dedicated to your total mental wellbeing.

We deliver the highest quality mental health services. We are located in …. 

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Our lifelong goal is to remove stigma and guide patients into all-round mental and emotional wellness


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Why Choose Us

Compassionate Care

We treat our patients with love and care as if you were a member of our family.

Stigma Free Zone

We work at eliminating the shame that is associated with mental illness and the term therapy.

Comfort Care

We take a humanistic approach to our treatment therapy sessions. Compassion and comfort are key.

Patient-Specific Care

Our treatment plans are not rigid. We find unique ways to get you feeling whole.

Therapy for all age group

We focus on mental health for all by treating children, adolescents, and adults.

Start your therapy journey today.

Consultation and diagnosis.
Personalized treatment plan.
Medication delivery.
Compassionate Continuous care.





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